Dave Justice, Part II: City Shows Hawks Love, Atlanta Remains A Murder Capital & Lil Wayne


For the second part of the 23rd episode, Zettler and Greg go in on the Hawks receiving more funds from the city in the same week the city was cited on another murder capital list. The duo also tackles Lil Wayne’s recent statements as only they can do it.

One thought on “Dave Justice, Part II: City Shows Hawks Love, Atlanta Remains A Murder Capital & Lil Wayne

  1. I listen to the podcast all the way …. Lil wayne did a different interview with skip bayless where he stated the real/elaborate reason for his current belielf. Not sure if i can post links here so i will describe some of interview. He bascially stated that when he shot his self in the chest at like 10 or something the cops kick in door and all run past him on the floor bleeding out. A white officer stops when he runs in and ask the officers (black and white) why didnt they tend to the little kid they just replied they called ems. Cop cusses them out then proceeds to drive wayne to hospital in his own vehicle. He said racsim doesnt exist because that generous act from white male….in same interview he says he knows his life different, sign record deal around 12….He does constantly shout out his family and some of his babymoms say he’s a gr8 father. So hopefully he changes his views for his kids.
    Tbh you look closely at core reason with the incident with cops very early on in his life was the EPITOME of BLM he was treated different when police arrived on the scene BECAUSE he was black in projects they didnt tend to him. They thought his black life didnt matter!!!They thought he was a thug because he admits they were looking for drugs and other things SMH mental vison blurry


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